Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

25: Border Crossing: Pat Barker: ISBN ???

Hey, this QPD edition doesn't seem to have an ISBN, how very odd (Amazon says the penguin edition is ISBN: 0140270744). This is another of the books my mum has lent me, which had got forgotten about and which I'd put on the bookshelves at one point assuming it must be Richard's without really thinking about it. I'm glad however that she mentioned it while I was visiting recently and I thought to go look for it.

The most grown-up of the 3 books I've just written up it was a very compelling read, and seems to have only taken me a couple of hours to get through, judging from the fact I hadn't started it at the time of the previous entry at 2pm. It's a short period of time in the life of Tom, a child psychologist who is currently working on a book, and is struggling through the tail end of a failing marriage to wife Lauren. Out of the blue he comes into contact with Danny who he last saw 23 years ago as a 10 year old standing trial for murder. Released on parole and living under a new name only Tom, Martha (an old friend and Danny's parole officer) know of his past. Blaming Tom for having given the evidence which swung his trial Danny seemingly just wants to talk, and an odd relationship with a very charismatic but disturbed young man follows. It's a fascinating tale. Very bleak and sad in places but oddly uplifting overall and with a positive future-looking ending.

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