Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

24: Devil on my Back: Monica Hughes: ISBN 0-416-5210-3

This is one that I've read many times. It's teenage SF, but I can't have been very far into my teens when I bought it, because I'm sure it was fairly new and this edition was published in 1985 and I only turned 10 at the end of that year.

An interesting far future earth tale of life both inside and outside of a dome built to survive the new dark ages following the running out of fossil fuels. New tech inside the dome is nicely portrayed, as is the more primitive lifestyle outside and the two very different cultures. Interesting tale of how technology can be a tool or how you can become a tool to it if you're not careful. In some ways not even the lords are free, but have even less chance of getting away than the slaves do. Different ways of looking at things can make them seem completely different. And the idea of fighting something quietly from the inside and gradually giving people the hope they need to escape, even though this could look to others like you're actually supporting the status quo.

It's simplistic in places, but I still enjoy it even now, and it was a good way to while away a couple of hours yesterday.

Correct ISBN: 0416520103

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