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Glad I went out, even though I wasn't feeling much like it. Talked mostly to Simon and to Mike, but with various chats to other people too which was nice. Played lots on the quiz machine but didn't win anything (at least not while I was watching, apparently they won a pound while I was buying a round and talking to Tony). Managed to stick to only one drink - a single of Balvenie 12 year old at last orders. So smooth it's barely there, lovely. Shared with various other people too so less than a unit. Seem to have made lots of social plans, of varying vagueness.
  • Lunch tomorrow, USSC, Ucam IT SGO cabal
  • Pizza/vids tomorrow evening
  • Date with Simon Saturday afternoon for haircut, in lieu of B5
  • Sean's party Saturday night
  • Some sort of celebration of six years since Dan's party on Sunday
  • Have mailed Duncan to see if he wants lunch Monday
  • Lunch with Mike Tuesday
  • rjk off work next weds/thur/fri
  • B-Movie next Friday
  • B5 next Saturday afternoon
Also have plans for around house.
  • Paint bedroom
  • Finish diary faffing
  • Finish remaining washing up
  • Hoover
  • Catalogue books
  • Phone NTL and find out what cable TV will cost
  • Sort out paperwork of various kinds
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