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I've kind of lost track a bit. Tuesday I did manage to go to the doctors, but didn't do the washing up, which wa the ohter item on my to-do list. I did sit down on Tuesday evening and do a fair bit of file-system tidying. And having sorted all the random pics into something ressembling order I looked at the old diary I used to keep in Word 5 for DOS and figured it was time to work out which of the four copies sitting round on my HD was actually even vaguely definitive.

Having done that I've spent the last couple of days reading bits of it and typing up some of the odds and ends from over the years that I've saved on paper. It's scary looking at just how bad my grammar was when I was 14 for one thing. And amusing to discover the precise date I was introduce to DooM (Feb 3rd 1995). Only a dozen or so entries from 95 still to transcribe. I now have a record of all the bits of diary I have kept since early 1989 right through to mid 1998. There are some gaps. 1997 seems to have only one entry for example. I do have mail archives dating from 1995 to the present though, so I think at some point I might go back and try and write a few summaries to fill things in a bit. And maybe to do the same for the four years between mid-98 and June-2002 when this journal starts.

I might use LJ::Simple to turn them all into LJ entries at some point, but given the content they'll be private ones, and only there for ease of finding and searching and for being consistent. Wonder if I can backdate entries that far :-)

Yesterday I had lunch in town with Jan in Dojo which is always nice. Having gone for a side-order each as well as a main dish we were both stuffed by the end of it. Pottered around the shops for a bit and found a nice velvet bodice top in the new Ann Summers shop in Lion Yard and more rainbow earrings in Claire's - this time square hoops rather than round. Still failed to get the washing up done in the afternoon but did put some washing on. Then over to Christi's in the evening for a pleasant gathering of fun people, nice chinese and gloriously good port followed by a game of I Have Never. I really should have stopped at just one small glass of port though. I really mean it when I say I'm not supposed to be drinking. A drop on a special occasion is one thing but it should only be a drop and no more. I know it probably won't actually hurt as far as the pills are concerned, but I think it's a good idea anyway for now.

Today I got up when Richard did then went back to bed until 2ish. I'm sitting here geeking, trying to find the arse to go and get food and can't quite seem to manage it yet. I could quite happily go back to bed again. I really do need to get sleep cycle back more sensible at some point. Not sure about going to the pub this evening. And I still haven't done the washing up.

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