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Never gonna keep me down

It was kind of inevitable that after 3 very busy and up days I should now be feeling back down a bit. Got up at a reasonable hour but wandered back to bed around 10 intending to read and just dozed off and slept until 4ish. Watching Broken Arrow on video perked me up but I'm still feeling a bit low overall.

It's not made better by the realisation just after rjk got home that I completely forgot my doctor's appt at 5pm. So I don't have either my sicknote yet or the next supply of pills. I'm going to have to ring up first thing tomorrow and probably see a different doctor, since I don't think Dr Perry is in on Tuesdays. This does not terribly appeal but it needs to be done.

Still, nice food for dinner in a bit, and I'm reading the next Rankin which is also fun. Crime telly tomorrow and then seeing Jan for lunch and Christi in the evening on Weds. There's always things to look forward to. Including Sean's birthday party on Saturday, which hopefully rjk will come to too if he's not got rehearsals too early on Sunday.

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