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When Marna and Juliet both suggested I come and join them in the pub for lunch today I wasn't expecting there to be quite such a crowd of us [1]. Jethro, Terri, Jan and (I think) Martin did an absolutely wonderful job of keeping us all in food and drink as well as coping with the usual Sunday regulars, and it was a really pleasant way to spend the afternoon, as well as a nice lunch. By the time Jan joined us at the end of her shift there were rather fewer of us left than there had been previously, but it was nice to sit and talk. Lovely to see everybody again in the light of day, and also to catch up with fivemack and duncanneko who I hadn't seen in ages.

It was disturbing to suddenly realise at 3:30 that it was only about 12 hours since I'd gone to sleep, which might have explained why I was feeling somewhat mildly out-of-it, in a not unpleasant sort of way. The last 3 of us finally gave up around 5:30, and Duncan was lucky enough to have a bus turn up almost immediately. Arranged to have lunch with Jan on Wednesday (mmm noodles) and Duncan's going to drop me a line if he fancies meeting up for lunch some other day. Got home and watched the Time Team special on the colossus ship which sank of the Scilly Isles. It was moderately interesting, but not as good as some of them have been. Chinese now (Tesco Finest) and then we'll settle down to watch Starship Troopers before bed. Lovely weekend.

[1] I think the full list is more or less as follows, though I may have missed some:

Oh yeah, and kaet was in for lunch with his parents too, and Patrick (who I gather has one but I don't know what it is arnhem) at the bar when I arrived.
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