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Wheeee, late night!

I was in two minds about going out last night, since after dinner I just felt like collapsing, but I'm glad I did. Had a great time at Simes' birthday party, and didn't make it along to Clare's in the end, sorry Clare, I hope you had a great night.

Lots of lovely people, and lots of stunning outfits and fab boots. Talked and laughed and hugged and kissed and had a splitters party on the stairs and then in the attic. Watched a fab film clip of finnish disco dancing lessons which was scarily funny. I risked a couple of glasses of wine, but stopped there since I was feeling plastered by halfway through the second one. Watched MBM doing fire-poi in the cold, and then came back in and saw he was still out there in the falling snow, which was pretty nifty. You could tell when he'd come back inside as suddenly everything smelt of paraffin. Talked to the cats, ate a million hazlenuts, and stayed up far too late waiting for some expected stragglers from relativity to arrive, since I hadn't seen them in ages. Have 3 or 4 separate invitations to come and stay in London (Andrew for Bmovie, Kitty for company, Marna and Juliet just to get away for a while and relax for a few days). And then cycled home at 3 am, through a tiny layer of snow on the ground, with the sky mostly clear and sparkling with stars. It was beautiful.

Got home and found Richard still awake enough to lie and cuddle and natter for half an hour, and then had a lovely lie in this morning. You know he's awfully nice :-) Today's plan is for lunch in the Carlton with the kittens. Tesco have already been and delivered nice things for tea. And this morning despite lack of sleep and maybe the tiniest hint of a hangover I feel bright and cheerful and perky and wonderful.

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