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Gosh, busy day

Safe to post this now rjk has set off home, without ruining the surprise.

Today I received a new CD rack from argos (this one). So today I have been faffing lots:

  • Building CD rack
  • Removing books from bookshelves
  • Moving bookshelves to make room for CD rack
  • Replacing bookshelves
  • Putting new CD rack in place and populating with CDs

And as if that wasn't enough I've:

  • Catalogued all the random books of mine from upstairs
  • Taken them downstairs to go back on the shelves
  • Found the random one of my mum's books that had got filed on our shelves by mistake
  • Put all the clothes that don't fit in long-term storage under bed
  • Put other clean clothes away
  • Sorted dirty clothes out and put a wash on
  • Reorganised my shelves in the spare room
  • Put the reference books in the spare room in the space thus vacated
  • Tidied up a pile of paperwork, though not actually done anything with it
  • Done all the washing up
  • Tidied the random piles of jewellery on the bedroom windowsill
  • And the junk on the bedroom floor

Overall I think every room in the house is looking tidier than it was this morning. And I've still had time to read news and LJ and irc faff. I wonder if Richard will just notice the tidiness or will twig there's new furniture :-)

Update: Yay! My Amazon CDs have just shipped too.

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