November 23rd, 2014


Family and Friends

What a fab weekend.

Evan and Gina came to visit and stayed over Saturday night. We had a lovely walk to the park in the afternoon and curry for tea, before I left the Snapes to themselves and headed out for a fab night of dancing to cheesy 90s music with some lovely friends. A late night with just a little alcohol but a lot of fun.

Sunday we got to lie in until 7, then had a nice morning playing with trains and blocks, and Matthew liked both my glow stick bracelets and I ♥ 90s helium balloon. An early lunch at Scotsdales with a visit to the birds and fishes then home again, where Matthew had a long nap and we were joined by Pete, Val and Alice - who is nearly 1 now and has mastered getting round by rowling everywhere. We got them a bit for lunch, and shared some chocolate cake, and Matthew woke and came down and we all had a pleasant afternoon together before Evan and Gina had to head home - but the others stayed for tea and we had a lovely time together. Finishing the evening with old Doctor Who (Pertwee era) and the last of the cake :)

Back to the GP tomorrow after 3 weeks on Sertraline - and I'm certainly feeling much better!

The only bad bits this weekend have been the rain and the fact I keep missing mum and dad on Skype.