June 10th, 2014


Things we have done in April/May/June so far

Things I have apparently mysteriously failed to mention previously on LJ:

  • Bought a lovely bakfiets cargo bike for Matthew to ride in (pic below)
  • Started a blipfoto journal of Matthew (A Matthew A Day)

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Things we have done since 20th April:

  • Given Blood
  • Evicted a wasp's nest from the shed
  • Had our NCT group birthday party (pic below)
  • Visited Clown Around soft play in Harston and Botanic Gardens with Sing and Sign folk
  • Bought a smartphone (Nokia Lumia 520) so taking lots of snaps on my phone
  • Been to the Festival of Wheels in Shelford and tried on police hats
  • Annual cycling campaign ride to Reach Fair (maps below)
  • Given up on Waitrose for lunch with several toddlers and switched to Scotsdales
  • Jack's birthday party and baptism
  • Visits to Kayleigh/Jamie, Rod/Thomas and Jenny/Jack
  • Moved our satellite dish due to a tree growing in the way!
  • Took Matthew to help me vote in the local/european elections
  • Visited granny and grandad, and went to the National Railway Museum and the Barwick Maypole festivities (pic below)
  • Day out at the Cambridge Model Engineering Society with a long ride on a model train!

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Matthew is now:

  • Walking and running like it's going out of fashion
  • Learning more words to understand, and following instructions (when he wants to)
  • Nearly but not quite talking, "yum" is his current favourite word
  • Loves reading books, and will ask for the same one over and over
  • Coming to mummy and daddy for cuddles, not just milk
  • Settling a little better at the childminder's, especially when distracted with rice cakes
  • Loving getting messy, and splashing in water
  • Doing lots of playing outside, including in the rain (pic below)
  • Eating! Full meals rather than just small amounts
  • Starting to feed himself with cutlery (pic below)
  • Napping in his cot, sometimes once sometimes twice
  • Currently being very hard to get to sleep at bedtime, and waking 2-3 times most nights
  • Riding on the big seat of the bike, not just the toddler seat (except when sleepy) (pic below)
  • Putting things in and out of other things
  • Climbing on stuff
  • Occasionally having small tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, especially when hungry

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