June 9th, 2014


No superfast broadband for us

I recently heard that some of the BT cabinets in Great Shelford were being upgraded to FTTC, and that somewhat got my hopes up that we might soon be able to get Infinity. However after some digging I find that it is only a small number of ones being upgraded as a result of the Connecting Cambridgeshire scheme (http://www.connectingcambridgeshire.co.uk/).

According to Connecting Cambridgeshire: Cabinet 18 is not included in the programme due to the Virgin Media coverage in the area.

Only our house isn't on Virgin, though much of our street is, and their green box is under 100m from our door. I contacted Virgin on the offchance, and they put an actual paper letter through my door by hand to say they've done extensive surveys but that it is uneconomical to provide service to us at this time.

And BT, when asked if they have any plans to upgrade our cabinet themselves, say: please be advise I am afraid to say that your locality will be enable with infinity within 3 months

Which to be honest could mean anything, but I think means they have no plans within the next 3 months, and who knows after that. Mike is much more philosophical about the whole thing, we do at least get approximately 4Mbps these days, but dammit, I got my hopes up briefly there!