March 5th, 2014


One year health review (and other stuff)

With apologies to those on Facebook who saw a very similar post yesterday...

Soft play yesterday morning with Rod and Thomas, and with Hania (our childminder) and her daughter Nardjess. Matthew happily played with them for a while - letting me step back to give him some time to get used to me not bring right there, and me a chance to have a cuppa.

Then a quick lunch, and a short 20 minute nap in the bike on the way to Sawston to see the Health visitor for his one year review. All is well, and he's apparently very in proportion with height, head circumference and weight all on or just above the 25th centile. He doesn't seem little to us mind! Now weighs just over 9kg (or 19lbs 14oz in old money). His red book only notes that he's still breastfeeding on demand and that he's developing well with no concerns.

We had pancakes for tea. Going a bit non-traditional with haggis in one of them. Plus ham/cheese, jam, Nutella/banana and the traditional lemon/sugar. Matthew had a good go at trying them and seemed moderately impressed.

We've had a nice little wander round the garden and then end of our cul de sac this morning in his new shoes - which he keeps trying to eat! Looking forward to the baby group at the church this afternoon. Rod pointed out most of the toys are a but young for them now, but I guess we keep going for the company and the biscuits :) we'll move up to the under fives group in the mornings next term.