January 2nd, 2014



Gorgeous day today, and we spent the morning largely out enjoying it, by heading into town to the shops. Town was pretty busy, but we went by train and had a nice walk through the back streets between Mill Rd and Hills Rd - where I found myself wishing for the camera to capture the blue skies, bright sunshine and lovely Victorian architecture. Instead we just had each other and the baby for company and admired things without stopping to try steal their souls. Successfully bought baby sleep suits, us some roasting tins, Mike a T-shirt, paid in a cheque and had a nice lunch. Also looked at bike trailers in Station Cycles, but failed to look at Dutch box bikes at the School Run Centre as they weren't sticking to their advertised opening hours this week (padlocked gate seemed to indicate closed, anyway). I shall have to try another time. Very pleasant day out anyway.

Matthew's getting better and better at pulling up and standing, bug did manage to fall from full height and bang his head on the carpet thus afternoon, to much wailing. Nap time now though :) I've now got a confirmed meeting arranged with work next week to discuss my flexible working request, and Stephen gave me good reason to hope they'll agree when he and Emma popped round on Christmas Eve. Mike has the day of to look after Matthew, but once everything is confirmed I'll have to get in touch with the childminder again to confirm when she has the place for him free, and arrange some trials to get him used to it! Also need to do some trials of daddy days at some point too!

Might continue to try and include photos in most posts. This one is from another lovely day before Christmas. The tree was even prettier when it still had red leaves as well as yellow berries, but I never got a chance to take a photo at that stage :)