December 23rd, 2013


Selfie - photo a day

It's been a bit of a funny day - poor Matthew has had a runny bottom and a bit of a fever and been generally out of sorts, though the GP says he's fine, and not to worry. Calpol seems to do a great job of perking him up for a couple of hours anyway, and he's drinking plenty of milk (more than usual if anything) so just hope he feels better tomorrow. As a result of him being sleepier than usual it's been a surprisingly useful day though, Christmas food shop all put away and dinner ready to pop in the oven when Mike got in. No decent photos though apart from a couple of before and after shots of the fridge which I posted to Facebook and then deleted, so here's one of the latest fads, a shelfie. This set is in the living room, and houses art books, maps and travel books, cookbooks and nature books, plus lower down most of Matthew's books and some of his toys. It has the bonus of being able to take the photo without getting up from my beanbag in front of the telly.