December 18th, 2013


Windows - photo a day

Took lots of nice photos today of babies as our NCT antenatal group met up for the morning at a local soft play centre. We had really good fun, and it was lovely that we could all make it, especially in the run up to Christmas. All 7 babies are around the 9 month mark now, and variously mobile. Fin is a champion crawler, and Kiran combines crawling and standing in a way which makes me dread Matthew getting the same idea :) lovely as the photos are though they don't seem quite right for a fairly public blog - so I fall back on a shot of one of the university buildings snapped out of the window of Wmily's car as we stopped to collect something while she was driving me home. The blue skies of the morning we're gone, and the wind starting to pick up, though not as wild as this evening. Not my best shot, but a nice bit of architecture nevertheless, and a good one for #windowshotwednesday.