December 10th, 2013


Mist - photo a day

Today started with a thick fog, has stayed grey all day, and is now getting dark. Sometimes that can get you down, but today (despite not enough sleep) we've still had a nice day. Matthew's morning nap meant we missed the singing in the library, but we still went along just as it had finished and said hello to a few people and chose a new book to bring home (still carefully picking ones with no flaps as he'd only eat them). Then we popped into the soft play at the village hall for a while, and had some fun clambering around and carrying around the balls from the ball pool. Santa was there but we didn't bother to pay to go sit on his knee - maybe next year! We've had some nice playing at home too, and I've managed to feed the birds and put some dinner together in the oven for tonight, make a cuppa and dig out my Christmas card list and update the addresses on it, now I just need to write and post them :) and we got a wedding invitation in the post today too - yay! So yeah, if we can just get a bit more sleep tonight then everything will be peachy, but it's pretty good all the same. Despite the grey.