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A slight case of overblogging
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Thursday, December 5th, 2013

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Dawn - photo a day

Over the last 8.5 months I've seen the dawn a lot more than I ever used to. Even in winter any time before 8am was pushing it, so I'd normally have missed it by the time I got up. This last week or so we've had all too many mornings when we've been up long before the sun. Still, at least every cloud has a silver lining. Last night was a bad night with a bit of a temperature, so Matthew and I shared the spare bed in the nursery from about 1:30am - and although it wasn't terribly comfy for me he did sleep in until 7:30! Which meant I could snap this from the bedroom window when I went to get dressed, just before the pink light completely faded from the sky. This view, and variations on it, appears on Instagram so often I've lost count, so much so I've given this tree it's very own tag #theoldashtree, though technically it's actually two ash trees one behind the other (but don't tell my Instagram followers ;). I'm rather fond of it.

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