April 23rd, 2013


Baby progress

5 weeks tomorrow and we went to the baby clinic in Sawston today on the bus. Matthew now weighs in at 4.64 kg - or 10 lbs 4 oz, right on the 50th centile line, same as last time. Given how much he's fed in the last 24 hours though we're definitely having a bit of a growth spurt this week. need to remember to make us boh an apointment for our 6 week check ups for next week but at least that will be in Shelford.

We stayed in Sawston and both had some lunch in Sweet Teas cafe, and then it was such a nice day we walked home. We've had several other nice outings recently including coffee and cake with Lucy last week and our NCT group reunion at the Cambridge Blue on Sunday - lovely to meet 6 of the other 7 babies! Hopefully we'll get to met the last one soon too (his mum was poorly sadly so couldn't join us). Sunday was also Mike's birthday and Mathew (with a little help) sent him a card. There was also improvised birthday cake.

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