March 3rd, 2013

Icknield Way

No sign of baby yet

Well, I'm now just over 39 weeks pregnant - which means about a week to go until my official Due Date. Apparently most babies are born within a week either side of that, but first babies are often late. All I can do is wait and see, but there's no sign of this one getting ready to emerge just yet.

I can't believe it's now four whole weeks that I've been on "maternity" leave (technically I'm using up normal annual leave at the moment, and my maternity doesn't start until my due date). The time seems to have flown by and I'm still really enjoying it - and not in the least bored yet. I've been enjoying some crochet, and done a bit of a jigsaw, and found time for more reading than I've done in ages - not to mention some baking (flapjack again this week - less overdone this time) and plenty of time just chilling out at the computer. I've even been to the garden centre and bought some plants for the newish border in the back garden, and it's looking much nicer.

Crochet! Plants

It's been a lovely weekend being able to share some of this time with Mike though. Yesterday we had a brief potter to the shops in the village and wandered over to have a look at the river, and found a map showing some permissive footpaths/bridleways we weren't really aware of before - so today we went out for an explore. A bit of a grey day but lovely and warm and it was a nice little walk of about 5 miles. Feeling good - if a bit tired. Here's a map:


As for the intermittent BT broadband problem - well since the second engineer we've had a few dropouts still, but it's mostly been better than it was before that. It does still seem to go when we're on the phone though - that probably needs more testing - and I won't be convinced it's definitely completely OK for a while yet.

I think next week I don't actually have *anything* in my diary in terms of meetings or appointments - so will have to try and make the effort to be a bit more sociable and go see a couple of people perhaps while I still have the chance!