November 10th, 2012


Nothing very exciting :)

First week of November has gone off with not so much of a bang as usual for this time of year (I didn't make the big firework display in town). It's been a nice week though. I think last weekend I did actually manage to spend the entire time in pyjamas, playing computer games, watching tv and generally chilling out. I did bake some scones though, which were lovely. We shall attempt to be a *little* more dynamic this weekend (I'm dressed for example :) and perhaps head over to Wandlebury tomorrow if we get the promised brighter weather to see the last of the autumn colour.

Nothing terribly exciting during the week either: an errant courier company (who did eventually manage to get a lovely new blanket to us), a disintegrating bike lock which I have now replaced, and a nice retirement do for a colleague on Friday lunchtime.

Next couple of weeks should be a little more eventful, with family visiting, a birthday (37!), my next midwife appointment, and a wedding to look forward to. All good!