October 9th, 2011


West Highland Way

So, for our summer holiday this year we waited until late September, and set off for Scotland to walk the West Highland Way, 95 miles or so from Milngavie on the outskirts of Glasgow to Fort William. Here's the notes I took while we were away, along with running mileage total from the GPS and links to the photos which are over on Facebook (NB each photo links through to a gallery for each day, which should be publicly readable, even though they're on Facebook).

Day 0 - Shelford to Milngavie

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Day 1 - Milngavie to Drymen (12.8 miles)

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Day 1 photos

Day 2 - Drymen to Rowardennan (26.7 miles)

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Day 2 photos

Day 3 - Rowardennan to Inverarnan (39.3 miles)

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Day 3 photos

Day 4 - Inverarnan to Tyndrum (50.8 miles)

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Day 4 photos

Day 5 - Tyndrum to Inveroran (59.9 miles)

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Day 5 photos

Day 6 - Inveroran to Kingshouse (69.2 miles)

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Day 6 photos

Day 7 - Kingshouse to Kinlochleven (78.7 miles)

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Day 7 photos

Day 9 - Kinlochleven to Fort William (93.6 miles)

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Day 8 photos

Fort William, the train home, and our route

We did indeed decide that the weather wasn't good enough for tired legs to tackle Ben Nevis, and stayed in and watched the rugby on Saturday, before going for a potter around town. We had a wander along the loch side, a look at the fought, a nice cuppa and cake instead of lunch, a bit of shopping (a jumper and a lovely book of photos of the West Highland Way) and a quiet afternoon reading and writing postcards. Sunday morning we had time for more rugby before the train home too, which was full of more lovely views at first, and then nice and comfy on the long leg between Glasgow and Euston in first class. We even spoiled ourselves with a taxi ride the last leg home from Royston rather than a substitute bus.

Fort William photos

And last but not least by a combination of hand drawing and GPS logs here's a map of our route:

West Highland Way at EveryTrail