Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

bikes and rain

You know they don't always mix very well do they? Coming to a stop at the Catholic Church traffic lights on my way home I felt the bike begin to skid sideways a little on the wet road. It's got a bad camber there really. There wasn't much I could do about it it seemed and in the end I just kind of topped over sideways. Fortunately very slowly. Couple of bumps and grazes on my left leg, probably from tangling with the bike rather than anything else, as I fell over to the right. I cycled more slowly the rest of the way. I did look funny by the time I got home though: party dress, Docs and socks, Keep Mordor Tidy tshirt and damp jacket over dress, and oily black marks up one leg and on my hands from putting the chain back on.

Much to my smugness it appears summer isn't over just yet. One swallow doesn't make a summe and it appears one rainstorm doesn't make an autumn. Although it's lovely and cool out there as well as bright and sunny and all the rain as washed the air clean. Pretty day.

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