April 17th, 2010


Don't forget the sunblock!

Today we went on a walk, and went past Linton again (where we went to the zoo the other day). This time we walked all the way there, and a bit further, along the Roman Road to the south east of Cambridge. We got the bus home from Horseheath - which has lots of horses. Buses are thankfully much more frequent on Saturdays than they are on Sundays. Total of 14.1 miles (including the walk back from Addies) in 4 hours 44 mins of walking time (or about 7 hours of real time, not including the bus journey). And we saw loads of birds (Chiff Chaff! And Yellowhammer!) and butterflies and even a hare. Fab. But we're a wee bit pink.

Map is on Bikely, which is a bit slow, so do reload if it's not working. For some reason this one will import there but not on Google. I have no idea why I have so much trouble with these things!


Hmm, exported from Bikely and that would import into Google: Google map - this one at least loads more reliably, although the import/export process has lost some of the points, so it's not quite as accurage as it could have been.