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A slight case of overblogging
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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

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Em and John's Wedding

This weekend my baby sister got married in York, and lo it was brilliant.

I love weddings anyway, but family weddings with loads of people you love, plus lots of lovely people you met at the hen night, and lovely weather and a gorgeous venue on top, well they're the best. Em looked stunning, they both looked incredibly happy, and so did pretty much everyone else, apart from poor Steph and Dave who were a bit poorly, but still doing their best to have a good time (and hopefully feeling much better now).

I've never seen so many lovely frocks in one place :) A 5pm ceremony meant we just caught the last of the sunshine in the garden afterwards, before retiring inside for dinner and then dancing. Then back to the hotel for a last drink in the bar before bed. We got to sleep around 2:30, tired but happy.

And on Sunday we got to see lots of people again over breakfast and milling round the hotel lobby, before heading off to help mum and dad pack everything in the car, have a cuppa with Sue and Steve, and then spend the afternoon pottering about York on our own. We went on a river boat and saw goslings!

I've not even vaguely done it justice, but I can't wait until our turn in September and we can do it all again :)

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