March 14th, 2010

me and mike, me and mike/gurney

Walks and GPS data

Today we got the train to Waterbeach (a ridiculous journey involving two legs of 5 minutes each on trains and a 45 minute wait in Cambridge, but at least it was sunny), and walked the 11 miles to Ely, and then got the train home again. It was a bit windy in places, and a bit hard work, but fun. We saw lots of birds, including several we hadn't yet ticked off in our little bird book, and generally had a nice time, although it was nicest while the sun was out.

I took the GPS along, and it did quite well, only running out of battery after nearly 5 hours, about half a mile from Ely station. According to it we averaged 2.1mph overall, and 2.9mph while moving, which seems pretty reasonable. Having got home I downloaded our data as a GPX track, and tried uploading it to, where I normally keep bike ride and walk maps - for some reason it only imported 23 points though, which showed us merrily crossing and recrossing the river. So instead I tried importing directly into Google maps, which seems to have worked much better, though it split it into 4 sections. I drew a 5th section by hand to finish the route.

Waterbeach to Ely, on Google maps

I wish I knew what to do to make it play nicely with Bikely though!

Now with added photos on Facebook. (login should not be required)

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