January 23rd, 2010


Walking on water

Today we got up and cycled to The Green Dragon Bridge (with only a minor panic when I discovered I had a complete flat and had to take the spare bike instead) to meet Glenys, Chris and Andrew for a walk. Up the towpath to Waterbeach and then back on the other side of the river, with lunch at The Bridge, and a well-earned pint in the Green Dragon upon our return.

And lo, it was good! There were many rowers to watch on the way to Baits Bite Lock, although also dogs and joggers and coaches on bicycles to beware. Then there was peace and quiet and pill-boxes and Cormorants and also a Little Grebe. And on the way back there was intrepid exploring of actually quite well sign-posted fields, and also mud. A good time was had by all.

I coaxed a GPS track out of my garmin, and found I had to add quite a few extra points to it to make it a bit more accurate, it doesn't seem to mark them often enough for walking along a river. The route map is on Bikely (tagged as "Not Bike"), and there are some photos over on Facebook (no login required).