January 1st, 2010


First ride of 2010

I'm surprised to find that once round the block is nearly 2 miles. Just far enough to test my new Nuvi 550 that Mike spoiled me to for Christmas. And to discover that it really was far too cold for cycling without gloves. And having come back in I've worked out how to translate the data into a format I can import into bikely for a map of where I've been. Yay!

I wonder if embedding works:

Apparently not, oh well, I'll leave this one anyway.


Books of 2009

This year I got re-hooked on LibraryThing, and as an approach to gradually cataloging my books I've made an effort to add and review every book I read this year. The result is 64 books finished, and two borrowed ones I'm partway through. Quite a few were re-reads, and a reasonably large selection were children's books, or the total would be rather lower. I shall continue cataloging next year, although perhaps I won't keep up the reviews. You can see this year's selection here:

Books of 2009