March 16th, 2009


Back to Addenbrookes

1:50 appointment, arrived nearly half an hour early due to having left myself loads of time to get the taxi. Appointment was about 50 minutes late, and took under 5 minutes.

I took off the boot, he poked both sides of the ankle to check where it hurt, said the x-rays showed there wasn't much to worry about. Said I can stop wearing the boot except where I find it helps. I asked when he thought I'd be able to start cycling again "4-6 weeks", and walking a mile to the bus stop "as soon as you feel up to it" which wasn't terrible helpful, and he said I knew where to find him if I have any problems, and that was it.

I kept the boot and crutches to get home with, but celebrated once I was home by walking from the sofa to the kitchen and back in bare feet and without crutches. And it was actually pretty easy, if not terribly fast, and didn't hurt at all, since I was careful not to bend it sideways. I have been rather suspecting that in some ways the boot has been hindering as much as it helps lately. And I only just got to the point where I could walk up and down the stairs with the crutches this morning.

I'm not quite sure what to do about work. I think walking a mile is probably still pushing it rather too much at the moment, and it's nearly that far to the bus stop. I guess I'll suggest that I continue to work from home this week any maybe give it a go next week - see what they think. Though it'll be up to Stephen since Caroline is holiday and James is off sick himself recovering from a bout of pneumonia that had him in intensive care!