March 8th, 2009


Weekend ups and (literally) downs

Yesterday I spent the morning playing guitar hero then headed over to Ingi's in the afternoon for an evening of hanging out, eating tasty food, clothes swapping and singing along to musicals (Mamma Mia and Little Shop of Horrors). It was an excellent party, and we're thinking we might all do it again some time soon.

Today Mike and I headed out for a walk along the Shelford path towards Addenbrookes intending to go look at the obelisk at Nine Wells which a friend pointed out to me the other day (find one obscure obelisk in Cambridge, and another one turns up almost immediately!). Sadly we'd got about 3/4 of the way there when I stepped off the edge of the tarmac while looking for skylarks and twisted my ankle. Badly. It was clear after a couple of minutes that this was a real sprain, and we were going to have to postpone our walk. Only trouble was we were half a mile from the road. It took us quite a while to get back there, with Mike's very welcome support, and then a tenner for a taxi round the block to save walking the last 1/3 mile. Now I'm all lumpy and going purple but strapped up, keeping my leg elevated, and taking ibuprofen.

I feel very silly! I suspect I shall have to work from home tomorrow if at all. At least I can keep my leg up at the desk, with the help of one of the beanbags my sister gave us for Christmas. I can't help seeing the comic side of it, as well as the painful one.