January 14th, 2009


Swings and roundabouts


  • Staying Friday and Saturday night at the Randolph Hotel, seeing how the other half live
  • A lovely walk around Oxford: Christchurch meadows and down by the river in particular, on a stunning frosty day.
  • Afternoon tea with 5 different sorts of sandwich, a choice of about 15 different teas (or hot choc for Mike), 4 different cakes, and two scones each with clotted cream and choice of two sorts of jam. We were very full.
  • Janet and Owen getting married!
  • Their celebration party with all their friends: many lovely people, some of whom I don't see nearly often enough.
  • Coming home early enough to buy the full band version of Guitar Hero World Tour in town on our way home, and playing it all evening.
  • Getting some lovely books in the post and sending some to several people in return, courtesy of a "random acts of kindness" idea on a community I read.

Less than good:

  • Rubbishly failing to reply to someone who said they'd like to meet up with me on Sunday for two days, and irredeemably upsetting them in the process, which in turn really upset me (hence the early return from Oxford, since I just wanted to go home at that point).
  • Still being no closer to having a booting OS on mirrored RAID disks on the new Sun at work than I was before Christmas, despite lots of hours worked on it, and hence incredibly frustrated.
  • I have another sodding cold. Woken in the middle of the night be a sore throat that was barely improved by max strength strepsils I spent the morning in bed, and have been finding it very hard to concentrate on working from home this afternoon. Feeling v grotty, may need to take tomorrow off properly. Dammit.

Overall it was a lovely weekend though, and hopefully the cold will go away soon. I was hoping to invite a few people over on Saturday to play the new game and exchange belated gifts, but it's not looking like a good idea right now.