October 2nd, 2008


We can haz internet again

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But it works, hurrah!

In other house news we have all settled in, we have a fridge, and it has lots of food in, which is nice. And not having a TV aerial but having a satellite dish instead we've splashed out on a FreeSat box that can do HD, and it's very shiny. Just in time for me to watch the dancing and for us to watch the footy on Tuesday and the first two episodes of the new season of heroes last night. Being back at work is tiring, but the 4.5 mile commute is surprisingly pleasant given it's along Trumpington Road. And the removal men came and collected their boxes from the garden this week just in time to stop them going soggy in the rain. We still need curtains, but otherwise we're pretty much settled. And the big hippy scarves are making good temporary ones in the bedroom. I knew the was a reason I had so many safety pins. All in all life is good.