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A slight case of overblogging
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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

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Answers to the snowman problem

A security chap in bright yellow coat came up to us and asked us nicely if we could move him, since he'd take a while to melt and he was currently taking up a parking space. So we lifted off his head and rolled the body several feet right and up a kerb before replacing his head again and taking the second shot. So the differences, in order of obviousness are:

  • Different companion :-)
  • Different hat
  • Different location
  • Scarf retied
  • Head at a slightly different angle
  • Body slightly different due to picking up a little extra snow in the move

I hadn't even really noticed the last of those myself! So well done everyone for spotting he'd moved, well done rjk for noticing the scarf as well as the hat, and well done Sion especially for spotting the last two.

This was the best userpic I had :)

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