February 3rd, 2008


A cold, and other stories

This week I have mostly been full of cold. It's getting better now, but for several days I was seriously bunged up. I even spent one day working from home in the morning and then sleeping in the afternoon, but I've not *quite* been ill enough to take any days off properly. It was definitely a relief to wake up on Friday and discover I could *breathe* again. I'm still a little snuffly, and coughing in the mornings, but I'm *so* much better.

As a result we've not been doing very much. I've read quite a bit (see books list) and we've watched Threads on DVD plus half of the first series of Father Ted. On Friday we were very disappointed that it didn't snow at all, and on Saturday we did some serious spring cleaning (the kitchen hasn't looked as good in weeks) and then had Mobbsy, Duncan and Andrew over to watch the Rugby.

It's nice watching matches with people who don't actually mind too much who wins, so long as it's a good game. And it was kinda fun watching the Welsh come from so far behind to win. But for me it would be nicer if that had been just because they'd upped their own game (which they had) rather than because England also fell to pieces. Still, it was fun.

We ate half the world's supply of assorted crisps and dip, but Duncan and Andrew managed to leave enough room to join us at the Blue for a pint and some food (CB2 was sadly booked up. This has happened before. We should plan earlier!) before coming back to ours for another hour or so of setting the world to rights. A very enjoyable afternoon and evening.

Today Duncan has offered to host the Scotland/France match, but I'm not sure we're going to make it out of the house. There are computer games to play, books to read, a bass guitar I really ought to do some practice on, and trashy TV to watch later, never mind the washing up to do :-)

Next week we're off on Thursday and Friday, going to visit Mike's family and friends in Lydney for a couple of days, followed by meeting up with people in Bath on Saturday for Rae's birthday. I'm looking forward to it. And of course it's pancake day on Tuesday. I'm still trying to decide if I want to give anything up for Lent this year, and if so then what. I've already given up drinking diet coke at work as a New Year's resolution (if a slightly odd one) and actually I'm quite enjoying just drinking water and juice for the most part. And I still have to work out what to get my sister for her 30th later in February: we're all off to Lisbon for the weekend, which should be excellent.

Life's good. Apart from the cold :-)