July 14th, 2007



On Friday when I got home from work I pulled up the row of dead leylandii in our front garden. Today we went to homebase, bought a spade, shears, secateurs, gardening gloves and some plants both for indoors and out and brought them home by bike. This afternoon we attacked the garden with the implements in order to make room for the plants, and this is the result:

Front garden Front garden
This is the "after" shot. We foolishly forgot to take one of what it looked like before!
Pile of wood Pile of wood
In addition to this heap of dead leylandii, rosebush and random woody shrub we also filled the green wheely bin

PS: if anyone wants the wood, perhaps as firewood, feel free to come and collect. Contact details in memories.

PPS: Managed to find the photos the landlord took last winter when trying to let the house, and they included these two "before" photos. It had all grown a fair bit since then, although we had already hacked a fair bit off about a month ago.

Before! Before