July 2nd, 2007


A week

Things I have done in the past week:

  • Been to pizza on a Monday for the first time in ages
  • Had a dining table and chairs arrive (only 3 months after ordering), build them, and then use them to eat from
  • Had a long chat on the phone with Steph, and been glad we weren't affected by flooding
  • Had my second 2-hour driving lesson, which went pretty well, despite the rain
  • Received a very large cheque, and temporarily paid it into my current account
  • Been to a picnic to celebrate Rachel's birthday, eaten nice things and talked to nice people and let Becky have a test-ride of my bike which we've been meaning to do for ages
  • Taken Friday and Monday off work in order to have a long weekend
  • Watched more Buffy on DVD and Doctor Who online
  • Had a couple of very lazy days indeed, watched some tennis, read, geeked and finished a jigsaw with Mike
  • Been out with Mike to see Shrek 3 and then have dinner at Varsity, celebrating a) payday and b) no-smoking day
  • Had a ridiculous lie-in til noon
  • Opened not one but two savings accounts: a one-year fixed-rate bond for the capital, and a savings account for my regular savings, having maxed out this year's isa
  • Went shopping and despite carefully only buying what I could carry on the bike managed to buy more food than would fit in the fridge
  • Watched some more tennis and My Super Ex-Girlfriend (v silly) on DVD
  • Once again forgotten to disable auto-formatting

I think now it's time for bed, and back to work tomorrow.