June 14th, 2007



A timeline:

  • 27th March: order a dining table and chairs from Argos. It is listed as in stock, and expected to be delivered within 14 days.
  • 4th April (approx): Receive letter from Argos, unfortunately due to unexpected demand they're out of stock, but they expect to deliver by 11th May.
  • 15th May: email Argos, asking what's happened. They email me back, apologising that it's still out of stock and that they will mark my order as high priority, and I should contact them once it arrives to see if they can offer me some sort of compensation for the delay. Thank them and ask if they know when that will be, they suggest 9th June.
  • 12th June: email Argos again, noting it's now past 9th June, and suggesting it would be nice if they told me in advance when they can't make a deadline.
  • 13th June: mail from Argos. They can confirm there's a 28 day delay on my order, and that someone will contact me when it's ready for delivery. They say I'm still within my rights to cancel and get a full refund.

I have so far restrained myself from responding because I know I won't get the best result if I try and write something now when I am furious and upset. A full refund at this stage does not in any way compensate us for being without dining room furniture for 2 months. If we'd known at the beginning it would take this long we could have cancelled then, and bought something else. But at this stage I simply do not believe that in 28 days they will actually have any stock. I don't know what to do.

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Letter to Argos

Perhaps I should have sent it by snail mail. Still, I've emailed them the following:

Thankyou for letting me know the state of my order.

Could you please let me know if you have a complaints department?  I
wish to discuss the way this order has been handled, and possible ways
of improving the situation.

I'm afraid that after waiting for over two and a half months the offer
of a full refund does not seem like appropriate compensation for the
delay I have experienced.  Especially as you seem unable to give me an
accurate idea of when the furniture will be in stock, or keep me
informed as to the state of the order without me contacting you.


Eleanor Blair