February 4th, 2007


A good weekend

Friday: home made stir-fried chicken and veg with cashew nuts, chow mein sauce and udon noodles, and then the evening vegging in front of some more Buffy and a nice quick walk to the postbox in the moonlight looking at the stars before bed.

Saturday: a nice lie in, pain-au-chocolat for breakfast, then some rearranging of bookshelves with Mike's help: now all Richard's fiction is back in alphabetic order on the three cases belonging to him, and mine is likewise on the two belonging to me. Have decided to let him keep the big black set of shelves that currently house the non-fiction and graphic novels. In return he's said I can have all the Ranma - saves us working out at what point in the series they stop being his and start being mine.

After we'd finished (and with much faff) we set off for a little bike ride. Up Kings Hedges Road and then over the A14 and the railway bridge into Histon/Impington and then on into Cottenham, where we stopped and bought some sandwiches and had a picnic lunch on the green. The right at the war memorial and through Landbeach and Waterbeach back to the river, stopping briefly near Waterbeach station to read the info board about the community woodland there - it's a lovely scheme. Finally back along the river side at a snails pace due to lots of people also out enjoying the mild sunny weather, and then finding out we'd coincided with all the boaties out for the bumps. We crossed at Green Dragon and headed to Tesco for assorted goodies, before getting home before sunset around 4:30, at about the 16 mile mark. It was a gorgeous afternoon.

We read and geeked until teatime, and treated ourselves to a rather nice pizza to share, with potato and sweet potato wedges, half a bag of kettle chips, some rather nice dip and a tomato, green pepper and red onion salad. Much nicer than delivery pizza, probably healthier and almost certainly cheaper. Then we settled down to watch Notting Hill on the telly. It seems to be obsessed with Hugh Grant at the moment - having had the second Bridget Jones film on another channel only last week.

Sunday: we had a long lie-in reading, where Mike amusing finished his book in despair at the last page being missing. Until he went to get up and found in fact it had fallen out and he was lying on it. Ooops. (It's one of my second hand Famous Fives, and they're not exactly in pristine condition). We had a lovely lunch of steak in a red wine and red onion sauce, followed by raspberries and icecream, and then decided to make ourselves useful again and attacked the pile of boxes in the garage. The gigantic one the telly came in now has all the random bits of polystyrene and giant bubble packaging in, and the useful sized ones have been stacked neatly. All the rest have been reduced into flat pieces, which can easily be green-binned once there's room in it again. We even managed to put a few things up in the loft space of the garage too, definitely leaving more room in there. And when we'd done I waved Mike off home for the evening, so he can get his washing done and so on. We definitely did the two days in the right order though - still sunny but much colder today than yesterday.

It's all rather satisfying really - it's just under 6 weeks til I move, so far too soon to start packing, but these jobs will certainly make it easier when the time comes round. Still excited :-)

dark side of the moon

Oh yeah

Trying to note these as I buy them:

  • OK Go - Here We Go Again (Single)

Bought from Amazon Marketplace, mostly because I couldn't resist the B-side: a cover of The Cure's The Lovecats.