December 7th, 2006

dark side of the moon

Top five singles of 2006

BBC 6music are compiling a top 100 singles of 2006 chart, which they intend to count down on New Year's Eve. They're inviting listeners to enter their top 5 (Voting form). They've got a list to remind you of some of them, as well as the five choices of each of the presenters (Bruce Dickinson voting for Breed77 made me smile). Here's mine:

  1. Regina Spektor - On the radio
  2. Gogol Bordello - Start wearing purple
  3. We Are Scientists - Nobody move, nobody get hurt
  4. The Long Blondes - Once and never again
  5. The Holloways - Generator

Update: See comments for those that didn't make the top 5, and links to where you can listen to the top 3.