December 5th, 2006


2006 in first lines

I like this meme.

  • January: It's already had its share of nice surprises.
  • February: Gig on Monday already reviewed, I've got another tonight and on Friday, plus apparently my new mp3 player has arrived at home.
  • March: On Monday I spent the day zogged due to going to bed too late and reading until the wee hours.
  • April: Meme: One word, no explanation
  • May: On Saturday Mike and I got up early and braved National Express (and I can't believe I only *just* thought of the Divine Comedy song) to get to London around 11:30 and joined some of his friends from uni in a Monopoly pub crawl.
  • June: For sphyg
  • July: Friday I cooked dinner for Mike, we sat in the garden in the sunshine, and watched the silly recent Starsky and Hutch film on DVD.
  • August: We were away for the week to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday.
  • September: I was hoping it would arrive on Monday (since that's what they told me last week) but now they're saying tomorrow and I believe them a little bit more.
  • October: Maybe not everyone who believes in something wants to post a stupid meme about it.
  • November: I've been very lax about LJ recently, at least about writing anything in it.
  • December: Friday night I was tired, I'd have quite liked to go to Matthew and Sally's farewell party, but I had tickets for a gig and so Mike and I headed out to the Corn Exchange (after a nice dinner at Nando's).

Several of these would have worked better if I used the title rather than the first line of the entry.