November 12th, 2006



I've been very lax about LJ recently, at least about writing anything in it. Specifically I haven't yet written properly about:

  • Whitby: what we did, and what the bands were like
  • Opeth gig on Thursday with Mike and Mobbsy
  • Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys gig yesterday with Mike and Ernie
  • All the other things I've been up to inbetween (mostly sleeping in :-)

So I may as well make a start on them here. Collapse )

Phew. I think the rest can wait a bit.


Gigs catchup

Right, here they are: Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse )

Next one I have tickets for is Ezio on Thursday, but I'm very tempted to spend 8 quid seeing ¡Forward Russia! at the Junction tomorrow, especially as I've just heard that Help She Can't Swim are supporting. It seems I've now seen 105 different bands this year. If anyone can recommend a convenient gig from anyone beginning with Q or J before the end of the year I'd be grateful :-)