October 23rd, 2006



Fabulous weekend at home:

Friday: Easy journey up with Mike on the train. Almost as soon as I'm in the door Steph asks me if I'd join Emily in being her bridesmaid. Absolutely chuffed to bits and obv say yes. Pleasant evening with homemade chilli mountain and lots of red wine, good company and good music.

Saturday: Spend the day bridesmaid dress shopping with Mum, Steph and Em - great fun. Obviously we decide on (one of) the dresses we tried on in the first shop (Monsoon). Amazing that we could find something that suited the shapes and colourings of both myself and Emily. Coffee and cake late morning, and lunch at Pret. The boys (Dad, Dave, Mike) spend the day at Elvington air museum, and join us for an evening drink before Emily has to head back to Hull to go see Razorlight (the hardship!). Dinner at Brook's which is fabulous. Gorgeous food and a lovely relaxed atmosphere - how many posh restaurants give each table crayons to draw on the tablecloth? Home for a cocktail before bed.

Sunday: Mike and I went out for a nice walk along the canal before Em and John arrive to join us all for lunch. Dave rings his parents and they're happy with the choice of date, so if mum can confirm with the venues and registrar on Monday they'll be getting married on Easter Saturday. Break open the cassis and bubbly and have kir royales as an aperitif to celebrate. Fabulous lunch cooked by Steph with able assistance from Dave: spanish cooked meat with tomato salad to start, followed by a lovely lamb stew with roasted red peppers, and finishing with lemon tart and chantilly cream. We sat around the dining with coffee and liqueurs and the rest of the red wine until Em began to get peckish again (about 5) and we broke out the cheese. The rest of the evening was spent recovering, and we shared some chips for a late supper over the DVD of the Isle of Wight Festival at about 9pm.

Monday: The others headed off to work leaving us to get up for a leisurely bath before getting the train home again. Where we decided it was time to spruce up a little in time for Whitby so Mike and I dyed each other's hair. His is a permanent blue-black which suits him better than I expected, and mine's got my standard rose-red dye all the way through, which means the brown bits are now a rich browny-purple and the front and some of the ends are lovely and bright magenta again. I've spent the rest of the afternoon gently geeking and then played with the self-portrait mode of my digicam and taken some surprisingly OK pics, including my new icon. See below for gallery of rest. Cunning camera angles can make one look so much thinner ;-)

Thanks: to lovely family for making it a brilliant weekend and lovely boyfriend for sharing it and making it even better.

Yay, pink
dark side of the moon

The Long Blondes

Didn't get round to writing this up last week. Last seen 4th on the bill on the NME new bands tour they were obviously chuffed to bits to be filling the same room as headliners. It was a pretty blinding set and I think they were right to finish on a high note and not bother with encores. Support was from Monkey Swallows The Universe (pleasant, and one track I recognised from the radio and liked, love to hear more) and the 1990s (rock, reasonably good but didn't grab me). Ernie writes more here. Like him I'll probably buy the album, but I've promised myself to lay off the CDs until after Christmas.

Oh and this was my 24th proper gig of this year, which means I beat last year's total of 24, since I've got tickets for 4 more already (Opeth, Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys, Ezio, Dirty Pretty Things). Whitby, Reading, Girton Ball and Glastonbury don't count.