August 17th, 2006


Sold: One full weekend ticket for Reading Festival

Reason for sale: Jamie has backed out for personal reasons, so I've got a spare ticket, in hand already. Selling at face value, which in this case is £144.50 (135 quid face value, 7 quid booking fee, half the 5 quid postage). If you want it posting it'll be abother 5 quid approx for special delivery, but happy to meet up at the site. Bear in mind I won't be arriving until approx 19:45 on Thursday.

Would love to see this go to a friend or acquaintance rather than trying to ebay or sell at the gates. I don't believe in buying tickets to deliberately make a profit, though will possibly consider higher bids if more than one of you want it. Will take bank transfer if you want it posting, cheque/cash if you're collecting in person. Paypal negotiable but not preferred due to fees.

Went to a nice seeming lad who read my news post to cam.misc/ and got his mum to give him a lift over to pick it up.