June 14th, 2006


Life is (mostly) sweet

I'm really enjoying the ballroom dancing. Even when we still just entirely fail to get the waltz to click properly. The Cha Cha Cha and the Jive are both great fun and going really quite smoothly now and the social Foxtrot is rather relaxing after that lot. And we're now officially no longer beginners as this was our last class. There's an improvers class starting in 2-3 weeks that we'll join though, fancy that.

Dinner together afterwards at Nando's - mmm chicken. We started out running to get there through the downpour but that doesn't work with my sandals because me feet start to slip in them in a fairly lethal fashion. I got amused looks and comments for deciding to paddle in the deep puddle on the corner by the lights though. I just couldn't resist. Not quite as deep as the fountain at work but far more fun. It had dried out somewhat when we left and we just had time to pick up a couple of things in Sainsbury before going home, which was cool because it meant we bumped into fiona_kitty and could congratulate her on getting a job in Cambridge! Hurray. Then we staggered home for an early night.

The advantage of staying at Mike's is I leave when he does in the morning and get in bright and early just after 8am. Since he's on the right hand side of Liz Way (heading into town) and it's already dual carriageway at that point it makes sense from there for me to head up Liz Way on the wrong side on the shared use pavement and then use the underpass at the roundabout to get back to the correct side. Usually this is without incident. This morning however, well, this is the mail I sent Mike once I finally got to my desk:

From: Eleanor Blair [address]
To: Mike Snape [address]
Subject: How not to get to work....
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:54:06 +0100

My right handlebar snapped off where it joins the middle on the way up
Liz Way bridge, and I failed to cope with such unexpected one-handedness
and ended up in the gutter covered in grazes and cursing.  Oops.

Walked the rest of the way pushing the bike, having draped the handlebar
across the crossbar by the brake cables to keep it out of the way.
Thank god for antiseptic cream in the desk drawer eh!

Hope you've had a better start to the day!

Also thank goodness for ibuprofen - I *ache*. Think will prob just buy a new bike, though will fix this one up as a spare. Rather suspect would have had more chance of not pancaking had the rear brake, whose lever was on the still attached bit of handlebar, was in working order. I even have the bits to sort it, I just hadn't found the time. Second accident in 3 years and in both cases poor maintainance is a contributing factor. Let me be a lesson to other cyclists and hopefully also to myself!

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