June 13th, 2006


Sunny weekend

Mike disappeared off to Download for the weekend, and I spent it very quietly on my own as a result. Apart from an insane quantity of useful stuff around the house (lawns mowed, about 8 loads of washing including all the towels and two sets of sheets, washing up, cleaned the bathroom, and seriously springcleaned and hoovered my room) I spent most of the weekend sitting in the shade in the garden knitting. It's seriously satisfying to go to work on Monday wearing a top which was still three balls of wool on Friday evening, even if no=one comments :-)

Last night Mike being back I cooked him dinner (even if he had to dish it up cos I was on the phone to my mum). We started watching the Poseidon Adventure which rjk had kindly taped for us while we were in Oxford but had to turn it off when we realised the video was set up to tape something. Sadly it turns out while we were on the ball enough to swap back to a blank tape and turn it back to standby mode in time we didn't think to check what it was taping - and ended up watching Dr Who via On Demand off the cable and hence buggering up the recording because it was trying to use the cable too. So if anyone has a copy of last night's Big Love (9pm, Channel 5) they can lend me I'll be eternally grateful and Naath and rjk will be less cross at me. Lovely to have Mike back anyway.

Dancing class tonight and I owe Mike dinner out afterwards. Should be fun - we practiced waltzing in the back garden yesterday and I think we may have our turns going the right direction now at least :-) It was much cooler this morning which is a good thing because a 27.5 deg office is not ideal for working in (understatement) and it was actually rather pleasant despite the light rain, but it's warming back up again now and I'd rather it'd either thunderstorm properly or let the sun back out - hot and grey and humid seems the worst of all worlds really. Am still resisting urge to paddle in fountain at work.