May 25th, 2006


A short week

So what have I been doing since last Thursday? Friday night Mike and I hit Cineworld after work and went to see Mission Impossible 3, which was trashy and full of explosions and quite engaging as these things go. Good fun without having to think much about it. I like they way they made the Cruise character be only reluctantly a field operative in this one. I think it makes more sense given he's not quite such a spring chicken these days. Anyway afterwards we wondered what to do for dinner and figured we may as well stay in the little leisure park and had some nice pasta at Bella Italia. Blatantly a chain but not bad at what it does. They were a little slow in the kitchen but otherwise it was a lovely meal out.

On Saturday we got up just in time for a nice cooked brunch where I was once again reminded how pointless low-fat sausages are in general. Then we headed over to Simon's via a convenient rain shower and soggily watched some episodes of Babylon 5. One of them I'd seen already, having not been sure where we were up to on that disk, but still, they were good stuff. Only two left from Season 4 and it seemed a shame to stop, but it's certainly something to look forward to. It's Garibaldi I feel sorriest for. Anyway afterwards the others wandered off and Mike and I stayed and chattered for a while and Simon showed off his old computer games, ported for the Playstation. This was a complete giggle and I turned out to be horribly bad at them. It was a great way to finish off the afternoon anyway.

Anyway we dashed off to find something to eat and ended up with a picnic on Mike's bed in a hurry before going out again to St Columba's for a Ballroom social evening aimed at people in this term's beginners and improvers classes. Basically it was a couple of hours with someone changing the music every so often and a chance to actually try out some of the steps we've been learning. The Waltz turned out to be a bit shambolic because so far as beginners we've only learned one turn that lets us go in straight lines round the room and then turn at the corners, where everyone else seems to be doing turns one way or the other 2 steps in 3. And the latin dances were all a bit odd when dancing with someone other than Mike: so far we've basically learned one routine and are very used to doing that in order, rather than letting the man pick the steps and lead them - I was no good at all at spotting what the tall chap I was dancing with was trying to lead. Still it was all good fun. Would have been even better if we hadn't go drenched on the way there.

After the social we were invited over the road to have a drink and a chat in the hotel bar - turned out to be both swish and cosy at the same time. We chatted for quite a long time - Mike and I were the only beginners there along with a bunch from one of the improvers classes. Antony who's been dancing for a long time and is on the committee did most of the talking, enthusing about balls in Vienna, giving tips on how to get the best out of the classes and trying to encourage people to join the committee. He succeeded in convincing us that the Summer Ball in June was a good idea anyway, even if I decided maybe to leave the committee alone until I've been going a bit longer. If it turns out there are no beginner or improver classes over the summer I have only myself to blame. Getting home after midnight obviously it was time to watch Doctor Who which was fun as usual - although it was hard to take the cybermen at all seriously.

Sunday, as a result of staying up so late, was a very lazy day - Tesco dropped off some shopping, Mike headed off home and I napped in the afternoon, did some knitting and read a couple of books. Sadly I managed to stay up too late *again* but I guess it's not the end of the world. On Monday evening I cooked me and Mike veggie curry for dinner which was definitely one of the better ones I've managed, then a mad couple of errands took us into town for another ballroom lesson. Which went pretty well, there were one or two bits of technique introduced to the things we already knew with some practicing, and a few knew things introduced. And I had a nice chat to Mark who I met last week over the social foxtrot. Tried not to think too hard about the huge gap there is between me and a first year med student!

Tuesday I had a nice drink at the beer festival with colleagues at lunchtime, but the evening was another very quiet night in on my own, and I did manage to catch up on some of the previous night's lack of sleep, plus watched some CSI for the first time in ages. And last night was Wednesday. Mike invited me round for dinner, where his landlady (who treats them a little more like lodgers than like tenants) seemed rather suspicious of me, having seen me around a couple of times. I was rather amused to be asked my second name and to have to emphasise I was just visiting and not actually living there! Anyway he fed me with a rather nice curry of his own - lamb this time. Then we spent a while online looking at hotels and so on and eventually booked ourselves a couple of nights away for this weekend. Should be nice.

Tonight I'll be off down to London though, to see Therapy? along with Mike, Ernie and Mobbsy. It should be good - I love their old stuff (my mum's reaction to me saying I was seeing them was surprise at a blast from the past!) and I've bought their new album this week and I'm rather enjoying it too. And Mike and I have Friday off work to recover from the late night and maybe go see a film and hit the beer festival, and then we'll be off up North on Saturday for a couple of days on our own in York, with a vague plan to have lunch out with my mum and dad on Monday before we come home and start the week again.

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