May 17th, 2006

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The Week So Far...

On Monday I was not really very with it and didn't get a whole lot done at work. Still I had an excellent evening to make up for it. Met Mike for a drink after work in the Regal, had dinner at Nando's in town (mmm yummy spicy chicken), spent an hour and a half learning some more ballroom dancing and felt much less completely useless as a result, and then went home and watched the previous two Dr Who episodes on NTL's snazzy new free on=demand service which lets you watch a subset of recent BBC programs. It was a wee bit late when we got to bed as a result.

On Tuesday I had a much more productive work day, featuring a moderate amount of SQL which eventually did what I asked it to. In the afternoon I also won two tickets for Jim Noir in London early next month by recognising a picture of Elvis Costello from a small section showing only part of his face. Nemone is doing the same sort of competition all week but I didn't recognise today's on Monday's. Had a sandwich at my desk for dinner then headed to the Junction to meet Ernie for the gig du jour: the NME new music tour. In brief: The Long Blondes were so indie it hurts but pretty good with it, and had *gurls*. The Automatic had a manic chap who Ern nicknamed Monkey Boy who sort of yell/sang backing vocals. He was their gimmick. I enjoyed Raoul and Monster but the rest all kind of blended into each other. ¡Forward Russia! were still good but somehow I didn't enjoy them as much as when I saw them supporting WAS, I still like the one with the girl drummer shouting out the mad time signatures best. All their songs just have numbers instead of names and I can't remember what number that was. And Boy Kill Boy finished the night competantly but not very excitingly. Back Again (or whatever it's called) reminded me of something else which I couldn't quite make my brain sing enough to work out what it was. I was pretty appalled to realise later that it was actually their own track Civil Sin. That and Susie were good anyway, little of the rest stood up to the promise of those though. Be interested to see if I like the other tracks back if/when I know them. Was nice to see Jan and Owen out too, and definitely a good deal for a tenner.

Today has been less productive again, I'm pretty tired despite getting home early enough to get a pretty decent night's sleep and I seem to be coming down with a cold - I've got that sort of feeling in your throat that feels not-quite-sore and a bit like a blocked nose. Annoying. Tom's happily accepted my offer of the other Jim Noir ticket which means I'll have company, and we've exchanged a bit of goth/indie-kid banter (we're both a bit of both really, which makes it all the more pointless). And now I'm mostly just killing time before I head over the the Junction again and once more meet up with Ernie, this time for the Divine Comedy. It's mildly odd to be seeing them with him: two years ago I skipped seeing them at Glasto because it was raining and I knew I'd see them at the folk fest, only to leave the folk fest early to see Ernie instead. I still reckon it was worth it, even though things didn't work out in the long run. We'll see if I feel the same after tonight!