May 10th, 2006

dark side of the moon

Stuff and things

Ernie wrote up the MFATGG gig (here) and he's captured pretty much everything I'd want to say about it. It was a shame Capdown weren't there, the two supports were OK but not special, the Gimmes themselves were *great* but there was a tiny edge missing. It was only tiny though. And not having heard their version of Stairway to Heaven it completely cracked me up. Don't Cry For Me Argentina was probably my favourite of the ones they played, with I Believe I can Fly close behind. I was really sad they didn't play Who Put The Bomp though. Amusingly I have more bruises from the previous night's wedding Ceilidh than I do from the gig.

Speaking of the wedding it was lovely. Matthew looked very nervous but gradually relaxed over the day. Sally just couldn't stop grinning and spent the ceremony alternating between beaming at Matthew and beaming at the crowd. I only just arrived in time but Tom kindly pointed out there was a spare seat next to him up behind the choir and it turned out to be a lovely space to sit, with the full harmonies of the hymns swelling up around us. Somehow one of the most touching moment for me was the combination of a gurgling baby and birdsong through the windows - it just caught the spirit of the occasion: a celebration of life and love. They both looked stunning too, which can never hurt. The ceilidh in the evening was great too in a much more boisterous and informal fashion. I probably danced all but four or five of the dances, which was great fun. Mike and I thoroughly messed up the Gay Gordons which apparently amused some of the onlookers nearly as much as it amused us. Danced with lots of lovely people anyway, friends and strangers alike.

It was the waltzing at the end though that led to last night's adventure. Mike had talked of learning to ballroom dance before and we enjoyed even our cheating version of the waltz so much that we figured we ought to go ahead and learn it properly. And what do you know it turned out that yesterday was more or less our last chance to join this term's beginners ballroom classes with Cambridge Dancers Club (a university society, but open to non-university members too). So we went along and learned the beginning of Cha Cha Cha, Waltz and Jive. And only stood on each other and the other couples a few times. There were quite a lot of us there in the end, and we weren't the only ones stepping in having missed a class so it wasn't *too* embarrassing. Afterwards we waltz stepped down Downing Street to the amusement of passers-by and found dinner at Dojos. Which was nice, although the food was disappointing compared to usual and the service a bit lacking too. Maybe I'll go back to my usual favourite Udon noodles next time and stop trying to experiment - the flat ones I had instead were all stuck together and the sauce they were with was a bit too overly rich and glutinous. Still, it was a fun evening.

Tonight I'm off with Ernie to see the Dresden Dolls at the junction, after which I shall read what Liz said about their Manchester gig at the weekend (here). Next week we have the NME New Music tour and the Divine Comedy. The following week Mike and Mobbsy are joining us too for Therapy? in London, and after that I have no more gigs booked. Thea Gilmore in September is almost certain but it's a bit early to buy tickets even for me. If anyone has any other suggestions for things to see in Cambridge and possibly London do let me know.