April 27th, 2006

bridge of sighs

I *hate* buying pc components...

Does this lot for approx 230 quid inc vat sound sensible?

  • Abit UL8 939 5.1 Sound/LAN onboard
  • AMD Athlon64 3000 Venice Retail Socket 939
  • Kingston 512MB DDR PC3200 Non-ECC DIMM
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home OEM SP2
  • 80GB Maxtor DiamondMAX+10 133/7200
  • 200GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 8MB

(My motherboard died, if I'm replacing it should do memory/cpu at same time, and I'd quite like a working Windows at not *too* expensive and am thinking of switching to Ubuntu to give it a try and don't have a huge amount of disk so....)

Edit: Perhaps bigger disk, brings price up a little to 250 quid, and at least one person recommends avoiding Maxtor.

NB: Windows is *not* going to be my day-to-day OS, this machine will be running either Debian or Ubuntu 95% of the time or more.