April 9th, 2006


We will always look out for each other

Some day Bullets to Broadway are going to be pretty big. And we can say we saw them in The Man On The Moon. Watched them draw French style mustaches on each other. Make silly jokes about King Kong and Michael Jackson (um, not the same joke). And saw them rock out and damned well joined in. Getting to sing along into the mic is fab, but to do it on the fade out slow-down of the last chorus of the finale? Magic. They're still touring with Less Than Jake, and they hope to be back in the UK at the beginning of May. By that point we'll know *all* the words.

I don't think we'll ever again see the same band do the Astoria one night and the Man on the Moon 2 days later. (Support bands Matter of Distance and Sometime Never were OK and *shrug* respectively. The latter would have been better if you could hear the vocals maybe).

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In other news

Apart from gigging my socks off this weekend has been pretty quiet. Yesterday I most read and slept and had a nice long bath with the stereo on loud while rjk was out and ate butterscotch angel delight and just generally slobbed about. Today I realised by hair was a mess from being slept on damp, and figured if I had to wash it again anyway I may as well make it purpler while I was at it. Then spent the afternoon at Relativity playing bridge. Ross and I versus Ian and Pete. The bidding wasn't spectacularly good, but there weren't really many completely glaring errors. Much the same with the play really. In the end we didn't quite manage to finish the third rubber (2 game each, and 90 and 40 points below the line respectively), and we had one rubber each, but overall Ross and I won on points, though we didn't bother to add it up and see exactly by how much. The hand where we had 10 diamonds and more than half the hearts too including the top four was just great fun to play out, even if it was impossible to really bid it beyond 5 diamonds and I couldn't quite work out how to get every trick. Good fun, and as I always say we should do it more often. Maybe we can teach Mike S to play :-)

Speaking of whom he's been in Mexico since Monday, visiting a friend who now lives out there and is getting married. Had one mail from him and it sounds like despite sunburn he's having a great time. Due back on Tuesday just in time for the We Are Scientists gig at the Junction. Looking forward to seeing him.