March 6th, 2006


A mixed bag

Illness: It's frustrating to have lost a second weekend in 3 weeks to being ill. It started about 3am on Friday night/Saturday morning with me coughing until I threw up, a not entirely uncommon experience with this cold. Only this time I didn't stop, and threw up again at 4, 8, 9, 10:30 and 12, having got very little sleep inbetween. I spent most of the rest of Saturday asleep. Sunday I risked eating again without any bad effects but found I couldn't actually finish either meal, despite them being nice. Very strange. I'm still coughing - seems to hit about 3 hours after going to sleep and wake me up pretty reliably. As a result I'm pretty tired. But hey, I'm not throwing up, and I lost weight :-)

Injury: My finger seems to be healing OK. The slight bleeding on first changing the dressing was down to a tiny ooze the next day and not at all since. I've still got a plaster over it, partly just a reminder to be careful, partly to hide how ugly looking it is.

Strike: I'm going to be on strike tomorrow, as part of the AUT's action in protest over pay settlements. See AUT press release, BBC article, UCEA release. Personnel have said we won't be paid for the strike day, or for any day on which we take part in Action Short of a Strike. The latter covers mostly things which won't affect me anyway (assessment boycott, no call-outs, appraisal boycott, not covering for absent colleagues), but I'll still be nominally taking part. I feel I should get involved in picketing but somehow reluctant and I'm not sure I can put my finger on why. At leats partly just fear of the unknown. Will try and at least make myself go to tomorrow's lunchtime rally. I feel like I'd be letting my mum down amongst others if I didn't.

Friends: A friend needs a bit of support at the moment having got themselves into a bit of relationship doom. My instinct is to tell them to get well out of it, but of course that doesn't stop them being hurt in the process. The same old stories played out again with minor twists and new characters. Surprisingly despite it giving me the opportunity to mope over my own relationship messes I seem to be doing OK.

Overall: I just want today to be over so I can go home and *sleep*.